“Om Shanti Om" is an invocation of peace in Buddhist and Hindu practice. This collection of images represents such serenity; each photograph, a breath drawn from nature.

While living in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, I often found myself overwhelmed by the heat, noise, filth, and crowds of an intense urban-scape. However, lifting the camera was much like lowering a veil. My focus softened to unassuming havens: trees painted with blessings, seed pods birthing cotton, reflections from an un-littered corner of pond.

A journey to Lamahatta (literally “monks’ hut”), in the northern part of the state, became an escape where hills kiss the clouds and one cannot tell where earth ends and heaven begins. The air is silent and heavy in spirit: stairs lead down to an ancient temple, every stone adorned in moss and ivy: prayer flags form a wavering perimeter to this sacred place.

It seemed only natural to pair a slow process with this body of work. Emulsions were hand-painted, air dried, exposed to light, and trays rocked hypnotically during development. This Shanti series, from beginning to end (and back ‘round again), is an observance of meditative process.


Salt Prints, 2017