Tritone gum bichromate with mica pigment

Wasp Nest is an introspective journey employing metaphors associated with the shelter of stinging creatures. The origination of this work parallels my personal odyssey as I found myself both unsettled and settling into six different homes in as many months; experiencing a strong urge to “nest” in each of these locations, despite my brief sojourns.

As an expressive part of the process, I crafted a variety of nests from materials that mimic the wasps’ intricate mud and paper houses, and then used those sculptures as subjects for my photographs. Other images in this series incorporate actual nests that I’ve collected in recent years; rescuing them in the sense that these fragile structures are intended to last for just one season.

The cycle of “home”- transformative growth, taking flight, laborious decay, and often beginning again- is evocative of our own spiritual journeys. Each becomes inextricably tied to the other.